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 “I have known Noah for years and have always valued his insight on financial matters. He has had tremendous success in business so when he said he and his family are investing in apartments now, I wanted to be a part of it. 

I have now invested in a couple of Noah’s properties with him and can say that I am excited about the future and will continue to reinvest my earnings into other deals as his team finds them.”

– Barry F, Livingston, NJ  

About Noah

I counsel entrepreneurs that are looking for ways to enhance their wealth while working less, living more and enjoying financial abundance.

20+ years of real estate investment experience has taught me that fractional ownership in large assets is an excellent tool to create multiple passive income streams. I allow accredited investors to www.InvestWithOurFamily.com through syndications with as little as $50,000. Through 31 acquisitions, I’ve built a portfolio of 3,500+ apartment units and over 500,000 sq ft of office buildings and retail shopping centers.

I’m a 3rd generation CPA and I’ve been studying the tax code my whole life to find all the legal ways to reduce or eliminate taxes, which is a guaranteed way to increase cash flow.

I personally serve as the primary financial advisor for a dozen families that have a net worth in excess of $20 million through my family office, Freedom Wealth Advisors, LLC. Our holistic approach focuses equally on preparing the money for the family and the family for the money.

I openly share the tools, resources and strategies I’ve used to create my own true freedom. I’ve sold eight companies, own over a dozen, and continue to acquire businesses, websites and real estate. I bring personal experience beyond being a technical expert to high performing families that want to balance qualitative and quantitative financial advice.

Giving to causes I care about is a great benefit I enjoy as a result of my success. Achieving “true freedom” hasn’t been all about the size of my net worth, but rather the impact I make on my family and our communities. Through philanthropy, I get exposed to amazing people whose path to significance inspires me. By actively participating and not just writing checks, I witness the effect we have on others in need. This virtuous cycle gives me reasons to continue to create value for others.

I live in Parkland, Florida with my wife, Amanda and our two young children. I’m passionate about travel and fortunate to have visited 62 countries on 5 continents.

You’ll get a good feel for who I am and what I stand for if you read my quarterly updates posted under “articles”.